Helicopter Flight Training, Helicopter Pilot License, Commercial and Advanced Helicopter Flight Training in BC Canada
Private Helicopter Pilot Licence with Tech Helicopters

Private Helicopter Pilot Licence

Private Licence Commercial Licence Advanced Training

Private Helicopter Pilot TrainingThe Private Pilot Licence is intended for people who may be learning to fly as a hobby, personal business or who are planning to purchase their own aircraft. With your Private Pilot Helicopter Licence you are allowed to take family, friends and co-workers on board your aircraft or the aircraft you are renting while acting as Pilot in Command. Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARS) state the only restriction to acting as a private pilot is that you are not allowed to fly a helicopter for hire or reward. You must carry a Commercial Rating for compensation for hire.

You can begin flight training in the helicopter TODAY! NO prior experience is necessary before you begin dual instruction in the helicopter.

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Requirements for Attaining Your Helicopter Pilots Licence

For those not wanting their commercial license, this is an alternative. The requirements are somewhat lower, but it is of limited use. With this type of licence, it is extremely difficult and expensive to either own or rent a helicopter due to insurance limitations. The requirements to obtain your Private Pilot's Licence are:

  • Must be 17 years of age
  • Obtain a valid Category 3 Medical
  • Achieve 60% or higher on a written exam (PPHEL)
  • Attend 40 hours of ground school instruction
  • Accumulate 45 hours of flight time
  • A successful flight test
  • Reference: CARs 421.27

Helicopter Ground School

Tech Helicopters provides a comprehensive course outline for each student. Reference texts and aviation manuals are also available at the school. The following is a brief description of the subjects covered in this course:

Air Regulations - covers all subjects pertaining to the government regulations: (C.A.R.S.) Canadian Air Regulations.

Meteorology - covers an extensive study of weather related subjects. Students obtain a thorough understanding of the environment that they will encounter in their flying career.

Aerodynamics - you are taught the inner workings of the aircraft components, the theory of flight, and other principles of flight that relate to rotary wing flight.

Navigation - you learn how to prepare for, compute and conduct cross-country flights. You also acquire the ability to calculate, estimate and accommodate changing enroute conditions and will be able to divert to alternate designations.

Airmanship - the goal is for you to develop a functional understanding of the machine you operate as well as the environment you fly in. This will promote safe and efficient operation of the helicopter.

Each student will receive a helicopter ground school kit prior to the start of the course. The kit includes:


Tech Helicopters Private Pilot CourseTech Helicopters Private Pilot CourseTech Helicopters Private Pilot Course

Rates for Private Helicopter Pilot's licence

Robinson R22 Option:
45 hours @ $490.00 per hour


Administration Fee:


Textbook Package:


Ground School:


Total Course Cost:



Robinson R44 Option:
45 hours @ $690.00 per hour


Administration Fee:


Textbook Package:


Ground School :


Total Course Cost:



Note: Students may need additional helicopter flight training to meet the requirements for their selected course. Prices are subject to change without notice and do not include applicable taxes.



"I have to say that Greg offers some of the best training available prior to entering the helicopter industry. I found that he not only gets you ready to pass your flight test but he really makes sure you are ready to get out there and work.

I believe it made a huge difference in my ability to impress my first employer in a check ride and it gave me the ground works for good decision making; which is really what flying a helicopter is all about."

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