Helicopter Flight Training, Helicopter Pilot License, Commercial and Advanced Helicopter Flight Training in BC Canada
About Tech Helicopters

About Tech Helicopters Pilot Training School

About Tech HelicoptersTech Helicopters has been operating in the Prince George Area since 1996 providing Charter, Contract, and Flight Training services.

Tech Helicopters Ltd. is situated approximately 15 minutes from the Prince George International Airport on 480 acres. This large location ensures that our students can train in an environment that has minimal distractions allowing them to get comfortable with the aircraft before venturing into the Airport Control Zone. The surrounding areas are also used in the helicopter training lessons for navigation and cross-country flights. The Prince George International Airport provides the environment for Radio procedures and circuit training.

Our Helicopter Flight Instructor

With one chief flight instructor at Tech Helicopters you can be sure he will take every opportunity to pass on his vast range of experiences to each and every student.

Greg Sanders - Flight Instructor

GREG SANDERS, Instructor
25 Years Experience
Over 12,000 Flight Hours

Time: May 1996 to Present
Description: Owner/Operator of Tech Helicopters Ltd.
Duties: Training school and charter/contract work

Time: April 1993 to May 1996
Description:Base manager for Pacific Western Helicopters operating one of two Bell 206's out of Mackenzie, BC.
Duties: Primarily mining and forestry operations

Time: October 1990 to April 1993
Description: Base pilot for Northern Mountain Helicopters operating one of two Bell 206's out of Fort Nelson, BC.
Duties: Primarily gas field and forestry operations

Time: April to October 1990
Description: Capital Helicopters

Training Facilities

Flight Simulator Training

A Computerized flight simulator is used to aid in the flight training. Students have unlimited access to the use of the simulator which lets the students improve their flight skills at their convenience. The simulator includes full use of collective, cyclic, and pedals to aid in student's coordination with the controls of the RH-22 and the RH-44.

You can benefit from two hours a day in a simulator and it won't cost you a penny. This new system of training along with two hours in the helicopter is proving itself valuable. Students who have had the opportunity to spend time in the simulator prior to flight training have demonstrated the ability to fly and land the helicopter on their very first flight training session.


Your Home away from Home! Accommodations are available during your training and are fully equipped with all the ammenities of home. Contact us for pricing. We offer helicopter training, studying and living all at one convenient location.

Helicopter Fleet

About Tech Helicopters

Robinson R44 Raven II

The Robinson R44 is quickly becoming a favourite in the training industry and in the job field. It is the highest selling aircraft in the world and is becoming the aircraft most students will find themselves starting their career flying. It offers a similiar performance value of a turbine helicopter at an economic price. The Raven II is designed for higher altitudes and increased payloads while maintaining a comfortable cruising speed of over 110 knots.

Robinson R22

The Robinson R22 is still currently the most commonly used aircraft for flight training. Designed by former Bell engineer Frank Robinson. The RH-22 cruises fast and everything in the machine is designed to be as simple, lightweight, and maintenance-free as possible. It is truly the perfect entry level helicopter and provides a good platform on which to easily transition to any other helicopter type.

Our company currently holds an unsurpassed safety record in the helicopter flight school industry.

"It is a sure advantage to do your flight training in a small flight school with a highly experienced instructor instead of an unexperienced low time pilot who just finished his own training. I felt very comfortable and safe with Greg on my side. As well, you're a person at Tech Helicopters not a number like in a big school which is producing a mass of low time pilots where not one will get a job in the industry."

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