Helicopter Flight Training, Helicopter Pilot License, Commercial and Advanced Helicopter Flight Training in BC Canada
Tech Helicopter Flight Training

Helicopter Flight Training

Private Licence Commercial Licence Advanced Training

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Details about our helicopter training

Tech Helicopter Flight Training

We limit our class size in order for our students to receive one-on-one training so each student can progress individually. This aids in the learning process and gives the instructor the flexibility to tailor the course based on the student's learning requirements.

Our primary goal is to produce confident and qualified pilots who have some basic experience in dealing with northern terrain and weather conditions.

Students who excel in their helicopter flight training will advance to the Mountain Flying or Longlining Course. This will introduce you to the challenges and special requirements for commercial flying in northern BC.

  • No academic prerequisites are required for helicopter flight training, however, enough academic skills are required to pass the written exams.
  • No previous flying experience necessary.
  • Coordination, dexterity, perseverance and determination are basic traits for the successful trainees
  • Allow 10 - 12 weeks to complete the 100 hour commercial Course.
  • Part time students can be scheduled in, but it is recommended to take the course full time.
  • It is best to drop in or call before registering.

Some Great Reasons to become a helicopter pilot

Tech Helicopter Flight Training

Work For Yourself: As a helicopter pilot you are an independent individual and have full authority over your aircraft and flight. Those with a leader’s mentality can choose to fly for a small company or in remote areas  where they can be in absolute control of everything. Those who prefer to follow have the option  of working in a big company where flight, schedules and itineraries are dictated by the operating  policies.

Great Job Prospects: The job market for helicopter pilots is better than ever and still growing. In earlier days helicopters were famous for their deployment in war, namely in Vietnam, but presently there is an immense variety and demand for helicopter jobs.

Tech Helicopter Flight Training

Exciting Career Choice: Flying a helicopter is a very rewarding job. Helicopters have been used to fight fires, assist populations in distress such as following natural catastrophes, famine and other humanitarian relief, evacuate critically wounded people from all types of accidents, support ground units in apprehension of criminals, save stranded people in harsh environments like mountains and seas, and the list goes on.

Flying Helicopters is Fun: Last but not least flying helicopters is fun. Its gives you an exhilarating feeling to be up in the air and able to do anything. Through the ages, man has always aspired to fly like a bird. Well, with a helicopter you can do much better than a bird since you can stop, go sideways and backwards at your convenience, and the view is breathtaking.





"I trained with Tech Helicopters for my ab initio course. About 1 year later I got my first job flying RH-22's in Prince George. Four years later I moved to Highland Helicopters flying in Northwest BC. Greg has experience working in the exact environment that I find myself working today. He taught me many lessons and told me many stories about what to expect and they have helped all the way along."

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